You can experience a freedom-filled existence! My whole life approach to coaching can empower you to change your diet + habits and discover what nourishes you best!


Hi there, I’m Susan!

Creator of Life In, Life Out!

Life In, Life Out is all about healthy practices, lots of delish recipes, and lots of encouragement toward life. From whole life habits, to food, to Whole30 coaching, we’ll embrace the adventure and make the journey fun. Life In, Life Out is not just about receiving for ourselves, but ultimately to give back and love others well out of the overflow of our own life.

He who refreshes others, will himself be refreshed. Prov 11:25

Life In, Life Out is about clean eating, clean drinking, and living life to the full. As a Whole30 coach you’ll find many Whole30 resources along with other content to help pursue a healthy lifestyle! And always know, you’re welcome at my table anytime!

I’m so thankful you’re here. Stay and explore for a little while!


Welcome to Clean Crafted Wines by Scout and Cellar!

I’m so excited to be a Scout and Cellar Independent Consultant and to be able to share these Clean Crafted Wines with you. I get questions often about suggestions for wines that would be in line with a healthier lifestyle. Scout and Cellar is the place to go!

Scout and Cellar wines are free of chemical pesticides and preservatives, low in sulfites, and no sugar added. You can learn more about Clean Crafted Wines and shop Scout and Cellar through the link below. If you have questions or are interested in hosting a tasting in the Atlanta, Georgia area, let me know!


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