Homemade Guac! Nothing better! Besides all the perfect sides and meals to pair it with ~ like tacos, tostones, beef picadillo, chicken tortilla-less soup….the options are endless! I keep it simple, fresh, and light! Give it a try!



3 medium to large avocados

3-4 tsp salt

1 tsp pepper

1/2-1 tsp cumin

1/4 c red onion chopped

1/4 c chopped tomatoes

1 small jalapeño, seeds removed, diced

pinch of cayenne for extra heat (opt)

1/4 cup rough chop cilantro (opt)

*Because size of avos vary so greatly, along with how much meat is actually in the avocado, you will want to adjust seasoning to taste. This is a good start but chances are you may want to add more salt, pepper, cumin. 

Remove all the avocado meat and place in a bowl. Add spices and mix and mash well. If you like your guacamole more chunky, reserve half of one avocado and after all the spices and veggies have been added and adjusted, cut the 1/2 avocado into chunks and gently fold in.

Delish with:

Whole30: tostones, Cucumber slices, jicama sticks, bell pepper slices, lettuce wrap burgers, sweet potato toasts, beef picadillo, cauliflower rice taco bowls and more!

Paleo//food freedom phase: Sieté tortilla chips, sieté tortillas/tacos. 

Food Freedom phase: corn tortilla chips, tacos.